Terms and Conditions

  1. Aurora Entertainment Group, LLC is an online digital marketing and promotions company. We are an online marketing and promotions company established in New York. We offer services to the independent artist, professionals in the music and entertainment Industry and clients who work synergistically within the industry.
  2. We offer marketing, promotions, distribution and publishing services to independent artists and professionals in the music and entertainment industry.
  3. We do not manage talent.
  4. We do not act as agents for or represent talent
  5. We are not attorney’s and do not act on behalf of our clients and talent. We do not legally represent talent. If you are in need of legal council, please contact your attorney for legal advice.
  6. All clients of Aurora Entertainment Group LLC, its affiliates, members, partners agree to indemnify Aurora Entertainment Group LLC of any wrongs and will not pursue any legal or damaging action against the company and any of its affiliates and partners and or subsidiaries of Aurora Entertainment Group, LLC.
  7. Minors (persons under the age of 18) must have permission from a legal adult or parent or representative to make online purchases and we are not responsible for the misuse of our site and its contents based on unethical and irresponsible behavior from individuals with or without parental consent or legal guardianship.
  8. If clients choose to opt out of receiving emails and or marketing emails or material they must forward an email to (info@auroraentertainmentgroup.com). stating opt out of solicitation. Clients and or members and affiliates agree to give Aurora Entertainment Group LLC, its affiliates, partners 3-4 weeks to remove them from our target list.
  9. You understand that by becoming a ‘client’ you own no shares or stock in the company Aurora Entertainment Group, LLC or with any of its members, affiliates or subsidiaries. You also understand that we reserve the right to refuse to do business with you as a client if you are unethical, dishonest, physically dangerous or confrontational, verbally abusive to either of our staff, members, subsidiaries, guests and or affiliates. We also reserve the right to refuse your business if you owe us money and have outstanding invoices or monthly bills you owe our organization.
  10. We hold the right to ask for your information and have access to your name, phone number, credit card or debit card and address through our relationships with our online financial merchant accounts as it pertains to online membership services. We do not and will not distribute, share or sell this information without your express
  11. consent.
  12. By joining our site and or mailing list you agree to allow Aurora Entertainment Group LLC, its affiliates and partners to use your information and content for advertising purposes and indemnify Aurora Entertainment Group LLC, and all of its affiliates, subsidiaries and partners from all legal action and agree not to sue or harm Aurora Entertainment Group LLC, its affiliates and or its partners.